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Evening Pimrose Oil Pills - a natural vegetable plant helps reduce excessive weight through natural way and does not have side effects of other slimming pills which usually cause diarrhoea or weaken one's resistance to disease,  60 capsules (3 packs) Natural Evening Pimrose Oil, good for 1 month.

Hawthorn Fat Reducing Tablets - is a made from 100%  pure vegetable plant. It proved that the total effective rate for cholesterol reducing reached to 84. 15%, total effective rate for triglyceride-reducing to 77. 39% and the effective rate for hypertension due  to hyperlipemia, to 97. 20% . This cholesterol tablet has no side effects and can be administrated in long period,.200 pills (2 packs).

Natural Slimming Treasure Tablets - Slimming Treasure is a new slimming product of high bio-technology developed by experts in medical science, trophology and bioengineering by analyzing research documentation from home and abroad about obesity and integrating slimming theories of traditional Chinese medicine. 120 capsules (2 packs).

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